Rock Climbing

there are few people that love climbing the way jack loves climbing, who are inspiring, thoughtful, hilarious, and strong like jack is. when he decides to accomplish something, the dedication to it is inspiring whether it is climbing a 13,000ft peak deep in the sierras, getting up a rarely climbed chimney in Tennessee, or clearing dirt, vines, and bugs off a cliff in atlanta for some shit climbing close to home. jack’s determination in all these things results in incredible adventures and shows to other climbers whats possible if you go for what you want.

jack is a wonderful climbing partner not just because of his dedication, intuition, and strength as a climber but also the way he cracks jokes bringing joy and laughter to intense situations. complimenting jack’s goofiness is his sweetness and thoughtfulness, his ability to check in on the way to the crag or 6 pitches up makes one feel loved and at ease, resulting in an easier time handling the inherent stresses of ascending a cliff face.

jack’s climbing translates to the rest of his life, a loving friend dedicated to his community who inspires those around him to not take life for granted and go hard in the mf paint.
the climbing world is made better by people like jack and so is the rest of the world.

free my friend jack so we can go climb together.