In a significant development in Jack’s legal battle, on March 29, a judge in Fulton County Court granted him bond! With this decision, Jack will be released from jail in the coming days, reuniting him with his loved ones and community. Fulton County often delays releasing people who have been granted bond, but we will advocate rigorously to ensure his quick release.

The cash bond amount was set for $75,000 and Jack was ordered 24-hour house arrest. There were a number of other conditions set by the judge that restrict Jack’s ability to work, engage in community, or even to meet with his lawyer at his office. 

As Jack prepares to transition back to freedom, continued support remains crucial. Letters of encouragement and books sent to him during his time in incarceration have provided a lifeline, and we encourage supporters to maintain this solidarity.

Additionally, sustained advocacy and legal efforts will continue, with funds raised being allocated towards covering legal fees and the high costs associated with home detention and the inability to work while under house arrest. 

Together, we are committed to ensuring Jack stays free!

Jack is a beloved community member living in Atlanta. He’s been an outspoken political activist for many years. He’s been an active member in multiple DIY music scenes. (Check out his band Creative Control!) He loves rock climbing, nature, and world history.

Please write to Jack and show your support. Let him know he is loved and supported! Please remember to address envelopes to ‘John’ but you can refer to him as Jack inside the letters.

Jack loves rock climbing, history, philosophy, Zen Buddhism, “The Middle Way”, poetry, vegan prison recipes, hip hop, straight edge, punk, carpentry/DIY construction, sewing, he wants to hear anecdotes that felt special to you from just everyday things. You could share your critiques and opinions about interesting theories or historical events. You could write about a sunset or a wholesome gathering or a way a song made you feel.

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